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Another holiday from all the vampires

And all the sycophants caught on the high wires

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Entirely too lazy to fill this out, most knowledge of the infamous foolishship can be deigned from her entries or perhaps even her website.

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Three B.C. organisations worth looking at:
Save Saltspring (Environmental organisation)
SOLID Saltspring (AIDS/HIV organisation)
British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (Good resource for information on schizophrenia)

Other organisations worth support:
MEOW Foundation (Calgary no-kill cat shelter)

Blue is a state of mind, blue makes you colorblind ~ Bel Canto, Rumour

Hanging by threads of palest silver, I could have stayed that way forever. Bad blood and ghosts wrapped tight around me, nothing could ever seem to touch me. I lose what I love most - did you know I was lost until you found me? ~ Garbage, A Stroke of Luck

The time is overdue for a house cleaning of the soul. We all get so complicated in our lives. When walking just walk, when sitting just sit, when being just be. Above all, don't stray from your chosen path. ~ Lamb, Bonfire

The fortune of one man means less for some. ~ Sarah Mclachlan, World on Fire

Oh, can anybody see the light, where the morn meets the dew and the tide rises? Did you realise no one can see inside your view, did you realise forwhy this sight belongs to you? ~ Portishead, Strangers